Cash to Bitcoins in Minutes!

Cash to Bitcoins in Minutes!

Buy or Sell Bitcoin in Singapore

We are the fastest, safest, most trusted brokerage in Singapore. Using the Singapore ibanking system, Bitcoin is sent directly to your bitcoin wallet.

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Secure 256bit SSL transactions.

We do not hold your Bitcoin, they are sent directly to the wallet you specify.

We do not believe in holding customer funds for extended periods. This is counter-party risk which we want to help you manage. By only sending money that you want converted into Bitcoin, and using your own controlled wallet you limit the risk of your hard earned capital.

Our pricing is transparent- there are no hidden spreads. We charge a straight commission on the trades.

Read More about Fees: The truth about fees with Bitcoin

We do not market make or set the Bitcoin buy/sell price. This is determined by the exchanges we buy and sell with.

Reputation in the Bitcoin community is everything to us. Every transaction is important.

We do not take the responsibility entrusted to us lightly.

David, the founder of Coin Republic, has been featured on TV and in the newspapers. It's not hard to see where he stands on the various issues surrounding Bitcoin.
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